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Travel the World Without Leaving OKC!

A Tour of OKC’s Best International Grocery Stores If you’ve traveled internationally, then you’ve likely experienced culture shock when you first stepped foot in a new country: strange smells, foreign languages spoken around you, exciting new flavors. It’s that very feeling that can be so addictive to those who love traveling. And even if youContinue reading “Travel the World Without Leaving OKC!”

World Fresh: OKC’s Newest International Food Market

Food from countries on six continents can be found at OKC’s newest international grocery store, World Fresh International Market! Whether you’re looking for particular ingredients for your favorite ethnic foods or you like exploring new flavors from around the world, you should definitely check out the almost 65,000 square feet of products at this newContinue reading “World Fresh: OKC’s Newest International Food Market”

Eat Your Way Through OKC’s Asian District!

Happy Chinese New Year! How about celebrating by going to eat at some of my favorite spots in OKC’s Asian District? Pho Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup, usually served piping hot with noodles and meat and vegetable garnishes brought separately to be added at the eater’s discretion. The first time I was introduced to pho,Continue reading “Eat Your Way Through OKC’s Asian District!”