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Travel the World Without Leaving OKC!

A Tour of OKC’s Best International Grocery Stores

bag of rice from Thailand at Super Cao Nguyen, one of OKC's international grocery stores

If you’ve traveled internationally, then you’ve likely experienced culture shock when you first stepped foot in a new country: strange smells, foreign languages spoken around you, exciting new flavors. It’s that very feeling that can be so addictive to those who love traveling.

And even if you don’t have a passport or can’t afford an expensive plane ticket, you can experience that same adventurous exploration of another culture in a small way without leaving Oklahoma City: by visiting its ethnic grocery stores.

Last week, I wrote about OKC’s newest international grocery store, World Fresh. But there are many other established ethnic markets around town worth visiting! Join me, as we travel the world right here in OKC!

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World Fresh: OKC’s Newest International Food Market

store directory at World Fresh International Market in OKC includes a partial list of the countries and items that they sell

Food from countries on six continents can be found at OKC’s newest international grocery store, World Fresh International Market! Whether you’re looking for particular ingredients for your favorite ethnic foods or you like exploring new flavors from around the world, you should definitely check out the almost 65,000 square feet of products at this new market located off of Penn in south OKC.

When I arrived to visit at last Saturday’s soft opening, the place was already abuzz.  World Fresh’s atmosphere is clean, bright, and appealing, not at all as claustrophobic as some ethnic markets.

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This OKC Museum Makes Time Travel Seem Possible!

statue of two Native Americans in front of the Oklahoma History Center

Fly a helicopter in the Vietnam War. Sit at a desk of an Indian school and watch educational film on atomic bomb drills. Sing in the musical Oklahoma! You can do these things and more in the interactive and multimedia experiences at the Oklahoma History Center, which will have you feeling like you’ve really traveled back in time!

Did you know the Oklahoma History Center is affiliated with the Smithsonian? Through their affiliation, they have access to the Smithsonian collections, making this a top-rate museum! If you’re looking for things to do indoors on a cold weekend here in OKC, grab your friends and family and go visit!

Admission is cheap, just $7 for adults and $4 for kids. Kids under 5 are free and there’s a family rate of $18, especially helpful if you have a large family. Military and veterans are free and seniors (over 62) can get a discounted rate of $5.

Country singer Roy Clark on a video screen
Throughout the Oklahoma History Center, Oklahomans share their stories in videos like this one. Country singer Roy Clark welcomes everyone to the Center.

My favorite aspect of this museum is that it is focused on Oklahomans telling their stories. Sometimes people associate history with boring dates and facts that they had to memorize in school, when history is really about the stories of people! That’s why I love that every exhibit is full of videos where Oklahomans share their experiences. Powerful!

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Better to Walk? OKC Streetcar Questions Answered!

It’s February and the Oklahoma City Streetcar is now in its first month where you have to pay to ride. Whether you’re visiting or an OKC local, you may be wondering exactly how to use the streetcar and if it’s really that practical. If so, this post is for you!

I’ve used mass transit (buses, trams, trains, etc.) in cities around the world and am a big supporter of public transportation. While the OKC streetcar system doesn’t cover a large area at this point, it still has its use in our community. Let’s explore it!

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Eat Your Way Through OKC’s Asian District!


Happy Chinese New Year! How about celebrating by going to eat at some of my favorite spots in OKC’s Asian District?


bowl of steaming pho (Vietnamese soup) and the condiments from Pho Lien Hoa

Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup, usually served piping hot with noodles and meat and vegetable garnishes brought separately to be added at the eater’s discretion.

The first time I was introduced to pho, I was underwhelmed. I really wanted to like it and kept trying it intermittently. But my experiences of meat served in a greasy and tasteless broth just didn’t help. That is, until I had pho at Pho Lien Hoa.

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5 Free Things You Didn’t Know Your OKC Library Offers

books and a Kindle - two ways to read at the library
Books and e-books – just the beginning of the free things available at the OKC Metropolitan Library!

We all know that we can get books at the library. But what you may not know is that the OKC Metropolitan Library offers far more – from free concerts to TV show streaming! Who doesn’t like free stuff?

1. Free Performances and Classes

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed everything from Irish music concerts to a Downton Abbey party complete with high tea, all free at my local library!

The Metropolitan Library is celebrating Black History Month (February) this year with a wide variety of events, including performances by Adam and Kizzie and Rhythmically Speaking.

Oklahoma musical duo Adam and Kizzie will be performing Roots of African American Music, “an informative musical journey through the socioeconomic, spiritual and artistic struggle and triumph of Black Americans,” according to the Metropolitan Library’s press release.

The couple’s unique experiences include being mentored by Usher after winning 3rd out of over 7,000 entries in Usher’s 2017 MEGASTAR Talent Competition, as well as appearing on TV shows such as the “Face the Music” episode on Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible.

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Bored of Your Board Games? Welcome to OKC’s Board Game Scene!

board games for sale at PB&J Games
Board Games at PB&J Games

If you enjoy playing board games or cards and have tired of your own collection, then you need to know about OKC’s board game lounges.  These stores carry a library of games and you can sit and play at a minimal cost. It’s a great way to try out new games before buying them or to just go out and have a fun night with family and friends!

I’ve visited two of the multiple lounges popping up around the metro area: Edmond Unplugged and PB&J’s.  Both stores offer an unlimited night (or day) of play for $5 per person.

Located in downtown Edmond, Edmond Unplugged has a fun trendy atmosphere with festive lights strung over its wooden tables. They serve alcohol (wine, beer) and craft sodas, along with concession-style food to their board game lovers.  You can definitely see this spot being popular with college students, but all ages will enjoy it!  

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“It’s boring; there’s nothing to do in OKC.” This is the sentiment I hear from time to time. As a longtime resident of Oklahoma, I rarely am bored. But I’ll admit that the many activities and opportunities in OKC can be difficult to hear about – well-kept secrets at times, in fact! So I’ve decided to share some of the great (and sometimes lesser known) attractions, events, and activities around the metro area and our great state! 

If you…

  • need some fresh ideas for things to do in Oklahoma over the weekend,
  • like exploring different venues, activities, and foods,
  • want to support local businesses,
  • or even own your own local business here in the OKC area,

…this blog is for you!

I love the multi-faceted and multicultural place OKC is becoming! As someone who personally follows Jesus, I want to promote places and events that are just good clean fun, while celebrating that diversity.

Due to limited time and income, I can’t do everything in OKC. So please share your own great OKC experiences. I’m hoping this blog will be the start of a community to share the best OKC has to offer!

~ Jennifer