“It’s boring; there’s nothing to do in OKC.” This is the sentiment I hear from time to time. As a longtime resident of Oklahoma, I rarely am bored. But I’ll admit that the many activities and opportunities in OKC can be difficult to hear about – well-kept secrets at times, in fact! So I’ve decided to share some of the great (and sometimes lesser known) attractions, events, and activities around the metro area and our great state!

If you…

  • need some fresh ideas for things to do in Oklahoma over the weekend,
  • like exploring different venues, activities, and foods,
  • want to support local businesses,
  • or even own your own local business here in the OKC area,

…this blog is for you!

I love the multi-faceted and multicultural place OKC is becoming! As someone who personally follows Jesus, I want to promote places and events that are just good clean fun, while still celebrating that diversity.

Due to limited time and income, I can’t do everything in OKC. So please share your own great OKC experiences. I’m hoping this blog will be the start of a community to share the best OKC has to offer!

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